March 10, 2010

India To Build More Solar


India has been steadily rising in the solar PV market. What started out as a 10 member sector a couple of years ago now has 30 module and cell suppliers. The country is looking for investors to produce PV modules and cells, system components, silicon wafers and polysilcion feedstock. In addition to creating, the government is promoting solar energy in the form of solar farms, roof top systems and rural usage to make up for some of their power deficit.

Via Solar Feeds

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March 9, 2010

LDK CEO Says Solar Power to Dominate


Peng Xiaofeng, CEO of China's LDK Solar, claims that solar power will supply 60% of the planet's energy supply 100 years from now. He believes that existing energy sources, such as oil, will run out. The Chinese government wants 20% of their power to come from renewable energy by 2020.

LDK is located in Xinyu, now nicknamed 'Solar Power City,' and also houses most of its 14,000 employees. Peng also says that people underrate the cleaner energy and we have to agree.

Via New Energy News

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March 3, 2010

Sanups Monitors Solar Power Without Humans


Sanyo's Denki Sanups PV Monitor displays quantity of power generated and a trend graph at large solar power generation stations. If there are any problems, an email is automatically sent and if personnel send a query, it will answer in turn. This eliminates the need for humans, at least on one end.

Via Fareast Gizmos

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March 1, 2010

Solar System Stores Heat on Sunny Days


It's a good thing to have a solar heating system, even better if it could also store power for overcast days. This house in New Zealand is being built with a prototype system that does that. Solar panels on the roof are stored in a heat core of dirt that is insulated by polystyrene below a concrete pad. On bad weather days, the heat is transferred from the pad to heat the house. The eco-friendly home will also have thicker exterior walls and double glazing.


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February 23, 2010

GDF Suez to Erect Plant in So. France


GDF Suez will be building France's largest photovoltaic solar power plant to date. It will be erected in the southeast Curbans with 145,000 photovoltaic panels over 150 acres. When finished, it should generate 43.5 million kilowatt hours energy yearly, the equivalent of that used by 14,500 houses, and remove 120,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide annually. The plant should be up and running by the fall of 2011.

Via GDF Suez

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February 12, 2010

Solar Snob SOW: Suntech Power


The Chinese company Suntech Power Holdings has become the first company to come to the US and employ 70 local residents in Goodyear, Arizona. The plan is to use its solar electricity manufacturing technologies and equipment in cooperation with Arizona State University. The plant will produce 30MW power with a future expansion planned at 120MW. It will also reduce greenhouse gas emissions and costs since solar panels will not need to be shipped in from overseas. We applaud the efforts and name Suntech our Site 'O the Week for not only building solar items but using same for the plant's power.

Via Suntech

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February 4, 2010

Saudi Arabia to Solarize Desalination Plants


Saudi Arabia has plans to build several solar-powered desalination plants. Using nanotechnology developed by the King Abdulaziz City of Science and Technology (KACST), the plants will bring down the current cost of electricity by 40%. The first is to be built in Al-Khafji and will be able to supply with a 30,000 cubic meters of drinking water to about 100,000 people.

Via Arab News

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January 27, 2010

Subscribe to Energy Matters and They Will Plant a Tree


If you would like to make a difference in helping the planet, subscribe to the Australian based Energy Matters newsletter, a free weekly source of information, and they will donate a tree in a place where it is needed. Their solar and wind experts have reported that it has already planted about 20,000 trees in the last 18 months in areas such as Africa, Asia, India, the Philippines and South America.

Via Energy Matters

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January 25, 2010

EADS Astrium Needs Solar Partners


EADS Astrium is looking for partners to help produce a solar power demonstration in orbit. The satellite system collects sunshine and then transmits the energy to the planet with an infrared laser. Chief technology officer Robert Laine says that they are testing it in labs and improving the efficiency of the system. He is hoping that a launch will be possible in the next decade.


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January 21, 2010

eSolar to Build Solar Plants in China


California based eSolar has teamed with China's Penglai Electric to create at least 2 GW of thermal power plants within the next ten years. The first CSP to be built in Tulin, China this year will consist of 92mW and will be co-located with biomass electricity generation facilities. eSolar claims to be the first company to provide solar benefits to China.

Via eSolar

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